Camping Le Paradis

Camping Le Paradis is in the heart of the countryside with an abundance of wildlife and birds.

Most of our clientelle are retired and semi-retired who enjoy the piece and quiet of the campsite which is run in a professional manner. Well behaved dogs are welcome, free of charge, and we offer an adjacent field for their use. Our visitors are of all nationalities as far afield as America, Russia and Australia.

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Nouvelle Aquitane, France

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Lacs de Haute Charente

The man-made Lacs de Haute Charente, however, had a very different raison d’être, as the centrepieces of an inspired sustainable tourism initiative on the part of the Communauté de Communes de Haute Charente et le Conseil Général de la Charente.

Château de La Rochefoucauld

The castle of La Rochefoucauld gives a remarkable illustration of the interlacing of politics and architecture all through the life of a family who has always owned the castle since Fucaldus has erected the first fortification around 980.


Limoges is a city in southwest-central France. It’s known for its decorated porcelain, much of which is on display at the Musée National Adrien Dubouché. In the historic center, medieval timber-frame houses line Rue de la Boucherie.